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What does 4-D stand for?

4-D stands for Four Dimensional

This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories:

  • Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

Samples in periodicals archive:

The team claimed that if the "bulk universe" contained four dimensional stars, some of them could collapse and cause black holes in the same way that stars in our universe do - they turn in supernovae, ejecting their outerlayers while their inner layers collapse into the black hole.
Whether you're trying to find a mentor, a life coach, or just work on self-improvement the four dimensional questions will lead you to a great summer and then onto the best of your life.
The domestic service arriving from Lulea was also the first to perform a Four Dimensional (4DT) managed revenue flight.
A spokesperson for mi2g said that the world of network computer security was turned three dimensional by the arrival of Internet connectivity and it is now four dimensional with growth of wireless connectivity, and the possibilities for security breach and damage are multiplying while user awareness is very poor.
The new CMUT technology is expected to offer superior and efficient volumetric four dimensional (4D) imaging for a wide range of applications; improved manufacturing processes; a broader frequency range and higher image resolution, allowing clinicians to examine the next level of microscopic detail within conventional and 4D ultrasound images.