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What does ESP stand for?

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ESPElectronic Stability Program
ESPSpain (ISO Country code)
ESPEnglish for Specific Purposes
ESPEspaña (Spain)
ESPEncapsulating Security Payload
ESPElectric Sound Products (guitar manufacturer)
ESPEducation Support Personnel
ESPExtended Service Plan
ESPEnhanced Services Platform
ESPExtrasensory Perception
ESPElectrostatic Precipitator
ESPEnvironmental Studies Program
ESPEvent Stream Processing
ESPEnhanced Super-parallel Processing
ESPEastern State Penitentiary (Philadelphia, PA)
ESPElectrical Submersible Pump
ESPExchangeable Sodium Percentage
ESPElectric Submersible Pump
ESPEstimated Street Price
ESPElectro Selective Pattern (Olympus cameras)
ESPEnergy Service Provider
ESPElectronic Statement Presentment
ESPE-Mail Service Provider
ESPEnergy Saving Products
ESPEnsemble Streamflow Prediction
ESPEssential Study Partner
ESPElectronic Skip Protection (portable CD players)
ESPEnterococcal Surface Protein (gene)
ESPElectric Service Provider
ESPExternal Static Pressure
ESPEmbedded Systems Programming
ESPEnterprise Service Provider
ESPEuropean Society for Photobiology
ESPExternal Service Provider
ESPExtended Stack Pointer
ESPEnergy Saving Programmability (Philips)
ESPEncapsulation Security Protocol (IPSec)
ESPEudora Sharing Protocol
ESPElectronic Speed Control
ESPExtended Service Program
ESPEnhanced Serial Port
ESPEnterprise Security Platform (internet security systems)
ESPEmpirical Studies of Programmers (Conference)
ESPExtra Special People
ESPEmbedded Support Partner
ESPElectronic Security Perimeter (computer security)
ESPEmulation Sensing Processor
ESPEmergency Services Program
ESPEarly Support Program
ESPError Some Place (attributed to Sam Walton)
ESPEconomic Security Project
ESPE-commerce Service Provider
ESPÉquipement sous Pression (French: Equipment Under Pressure)
ESPElectronic Shift Program
ESPEmotional Selling Point (business/marketing)
ESPEnvironmental Systems Products Holdings, Inc
ESPExtranet for Security Professionals (US OPM/DARPA)
ESPEarthquake Survival Program
ESPEncapsulated Post Script
ESPExtended Services Processor (Cisco)
ESPExtended Self-Containing Prolog
ESPEnhanced Survey Program
ESPEngineering Support Personnel, Inc. (Orlando, FL)
ESPEUV SpectroPhotometer
ESPEcological Society of the Philippines
ESPExternal Services Provider(s)
ESPElliot Sound Products
ESPEthernet Serial Port
ESPExtremely Small Penis
ESPEconometric Software Package
ESPEncoding Specificity Principle (cognitive psychology)
ESPElectromagnetic Surface Patch
ESPEpididymal Secretory Protein
ESPExtreme Support Through Personalization
ESPExtra Special Powers :-)
ESPExtra Simple Pascal
ESPEqually-Spaced Polynomial
ESPEssential Service Protection
ESPEvolutionary Spiral Process
ESPElectronic Skid Prevention (automobiles)
ESPEuropean School of Physiotherapy (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
ESPEmergency Sickness Plan
ESPElectronic Sales Partner
ESPElectric Service Priority
ESPEmbedded Service Processor (Cisco)
ESPEnterprise Simulation Platform (Microsoft)
ESPExposure Smart Protector (hearing aid)
ESPEnriched Support Program
ESPEMV Script Processor
ESPErrored Second - Path
ESPEnhanced Services Providers
ESPEmily's Strange Posse
ESPExtension Specific Processing
ESPEmulex SCSI Processor (Emulex)
ESPEnhanced SAR (Segmentation and Reassembly) Processor
ESPEngineering Support Program
ESPEngineer Starters Program
ESPEdge Services Provider
ESPEnvelopes and Stubby Pencil
ESPExtended Service Package
ESPExtended Service Processor
ESPExternal Sensory Perception
ESPExternal Simulation Protocol
ESPErstsemesterinnen Projekt (German: first semester project)
ESPEnterprise Security Protector (Visionael)
ESPEnergy Savings Payback
ESPEnterprise Systems Platform (Cybermation Inc.)
ESPEnhanced Support Program
ESPEnergy System Planning
ESPEncrypting Security Payload (IPSec)
ESPEmergency & Special Program
ESPElectronic Support Planner (USAP)
ESPElectronic Systems Personnel
ESPElectronic Sales Promotion
ESPElectro-Sensitive Programming
ESPElectronic Sort Processor
ESPEditable Stand-Alone Presentation
ESPEngineer Supply Point
ESPEngineering Service Project
ESPEnhanced Storage Platform
ESPEnterprise Strategic Plan
ESPEquipment Survey Program
ESPEssential Spare Pivoting
ESPExecutive Screening Program (various organizations)
ESPExpeditionary Site Plan (Air Force Instruction 10-404)
ESPExtended Sick Pay (AmSEC)
ESPEvent Script Programming
ESPEngine System Prognosis (US DARPA)
ESPEmergency Service Pack
ESPEnhanced Server Pages (Grey Matter Intelligent and Interactive Inc.; web scripting language and file extension)
ESPEducación Sexual Pública (Spanish)
ESPEducational Series for Parents
ESPElectronic Strike Package
ESPEnhanced Service Package (Sprint, MCI)
ESPEmergency Sprinkler Pump
ESPEmployee Stock Program
ESPEnd of Segment Punctuation (Wordfast software)
ESPExclusive Services Payment (theatre director rehearsal pay)
ESPExpanded Shortest Path (routing algorithm)
ESPExpert Speech Processor
ESPEzilenlerin Sosyalist Partisi
ESPEmployer Sponsored Passes
ESPEnroute Spacing Program
ESPElement Skateboard Products
ESPElectronic Security and Patrol
ESPEcumenical Service for Peace (Cameroon)
ESPEastenders Strong Pils
ESPExploitation of Signals Parameters
ESPEureka Springs Paranormal (Arkansas)
ESPElectronic Systems Package
ESPExtra Sex Please
ESPEarth Sciences Partnership
ESPE-Services Philippines (trade show)
ESPEarly Silicon Performance
ESPEarly Site Permit
ESPEcologically Sustainable Production (forest resources)
ESPEasy Setup Program (software)
ESPEasy Software Products (Morgan Hill, CA)
ESPEat, Sleep and Poop (parenting guide)
ESPÉcole de Santé Publique (French: School of Public Health; France and Belgium)
ESPÉcole Supérieure de Plasturgie (French: Graduate School of Plastic Processing)
ESPÉcole Supérieure de Publicité de Communication et de Marketing (French: Graduate School of Communication, Advertising and Marketing)
ESPEconomic Strategy Panel (California)
ESPEducation Scholars Program (various locations)
ESPEducational Software Package (various organizations)
ESPEducational Surrogate Parent (various locations)
ESPEffective Sales Presentation
ESPEffective Service Provision (UK)
ESPElder Signs Press (publisher; Lake Orion, MI)
ESPElectric Soft Parade (band)
ESPElectronic Systems Protection (various companies)
ESPElectroshock Protection
ESPElectronic Submission Procedure (Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association)
ESPElektroniczna Skrzynka Podawcza (Polish: Electronic Inbox)
ESPEly State Prison (Nevada)
ESPEmail Standards Project
ESPElectrochemical Simulations Package (software)
ESPElectronic Stabilisation Programme (cars)
ESPElectronic Security Products (various locations)
ESPEnseignes Services Plus (French sign company)
ESPEngine Service Platform (US NASA)
ESPEntertainment Software Publishing (Japan)
ESPEntrepreneurial Signature Program (Ohio)
ESPEnvironmental Science and Policy (various schools)
ESPEnvironmental Screening Process (Ministry of the Environment; Canada)
ESPEnvironmental Service Professionals, Inc. (Palm Springs, CA)
ESPEnvironmental Services Project (various organizations)
ESPEnvironmental Stewardship Program (various locations)
ESPEnterprise Server Product
ESPEntelligence Security Provider (desktop security)
ESPEntente Sportive du Plateau de Saclay (French sports club)
ESPEnterprise Security Practice (451 Research)
ESPEnterprise Security Program (various organizations)
ESPEmployer Support Payment (Australia; military reserve)
ESPEmployment Support Program (Massachusetts)
ESPEmployee Selection Process (various organizations)
ESPEmergency Standby Power (various companies)

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