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What does EP stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
EPExtended Play (record)
EPEuropean Patent
EPExtreme Pressure
EPExecutive Producer
EPEuropean Parliament
EPExpansion Pack (gaming)
EPEnvelope (printing industry)
EPEstes Park (Colorado, USA)
EPExclamation Point
EPEastern Province (South Africa)
EPExecutive Protection
EPETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Project
EPEstate Planning
EPEuropean Plan (hospitality industry)
EPEthylene Propylene
EPExplosion Proof
EPEcole Polytechnique (Paris, France)
EPEveryday People (song)
EPEvolutionary Psychology
EPEvolutionary Programming
EPEvoked Potential
EPEarth Probe
EPEvening Post (New Zealand newspaper)
EPEuropean Perspective
EPEctopic Pregnancy
EPEast Point (southwest Atlanta, GA, USA)
EPEuropean Pharmacopoeia
EPExtraction Procedure (toxicity)
EPEconomic Prosperity
EPExtreme Power (retreat for churches in MN)
EPEcumenical Patriarch (religious)
EPEmpresa Pública (Portugal)
EPEarly Production (Record)
EPEarly Position (poker)
EPEastern Pacific
EPExperience Points (gaming)
EPEye Piece (optics, astronomy)
EPEvening Prayer
EPEarning Potential
EPEvaluation Plan
EPEconomic Profit
EPElectronic Publication
EPEagle Project (various organizations)
EPExtramural Programs (National Library of Medicine bureau)
EPExploration Plan
EPExtra Player (extra batter in slow pitch softball)
EPEstimated Position
EPEasy Pass
EPEngineer Pamphlet (Army Corps of Engineers)
EPEarned Premium (insurance)
EPExternally Powered
EPExperimental Product
EPEntity Paradigm (band)
EPEvaluation Package
EPExplosive Package
EPEarth Penetrator
EPEarth Prayer
EPExtended Protocol
EPEnd Phenomena (Scientology)
EPExtended Plan
EPExplorer Platform
EPExternal Publication
EPEarnings-to-Price (investments)
EPEvangelii Praecones (Latin)
EPErrorprint (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
EPExército Português
EPEpididymal Protein
EPExclusively Pump (nursing mothers)
EPEmancipation Patent
EPElectrum Piece (gaming)
EPEnhancement Predicted
EPEarth Protectors
EPEbony Polished (piano manufacturing)
EPEssais Périodiques (French: Periodic Testing)
EPEnviro-Protect (Cameroon)
EPElectronic Prevention
EPExecutive Protector (life insurance)
EPErythropoeitic Porphyria
EPExhibition Proofs (art)
EPElazul's Pad (website)
EPElektro Phalasteeni (artist)
EPEmergency Preparednesss/Preparation
EPEdmonton Planet (website)
EPExternship Prep
EPTraining Effectiveness Evaluation Plan
EPPredictive Orbital Element
EPExploration Permit
EPExchange Participant (International Association of Students in Economics and Management)
EPEssential Pivot
EPEssential Power
EPEquine Piroplasmosis (tick-borne disease)
EPEquipment Priority
EPEquipment Publication
EPEquivalent Personnel
EPEquivalent Persons
EPError Pattern
EPError Propagation
EPEnvironmental Performance (California)
EPEnvironmental Profile
EPEnzootic Pneumonia (swine mycoplasmosis)
EPEpileptic Psychosis (neurology)
EPEpoxy Paint
EPEqual Partition
EPEqual Population (sectorization method)
EPEquator Principles
EPEnlisted Personnel
EPEnterprise Payments
EPEnterprise Planning
EPEntry Point
EPEmulator Program
EPEn Passant (chess)
EPEducation Plan
EPEducational Psychologist
EPEducational Publication
EPEl Paso (Texas)
EPEdge of Pavement (surveying)
EPEdge Proxy (SIP)
EPEdible Portion (weight)
EPEditorial Photographers
EPElbow Pad
EPElbow Pitch
EPElectric Piano
EPElectric Pump
EPElectrical Panel
EPElectrical Parameter
EPElectrical Power
EPElectro Plating
EPElectron Potential
EPElectronic Payment (various companies)
EPE-Prostanoid Receptors
EPElvis Presley
EPEmergency Power
EPElite People
EPElectronic Principles
EPElectronic Printer
EPElectronic Protection
EPElectronic Protection (previously ECCM)
EPElectronic Publishing
EPElectrostatic Process
EPEmergency Procedure
EPEmergency Procurement (various locations)
EPEmergency Protection (nuclear reactors)
EPEmergency Pump
EPEmission Policy
EPEmployee Plans
EPEmployment-to-Population Ratio
EPEnd Point
EPEnd-Use Product (environment)
EPEnergy Production
EPEngineering Phase
EPEngineering Practice
EPEngineering Procedure
EPEngineering Proposal

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