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What does DRA stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
DRADefault Retirement Age (UK)
DRADevelopmental Reading Assessment (educational test)
DRADivision of Ratepayer Advocates (California)
DRADual Recovery Anonymous
DRADelta Regional Authority
DRADemocratic Republic of Afghanistan (1978-1992)
DRAData Research Associates
DRADirectory and Resource Administrator
DRADielectric Resonator Antenna
DraDeinococcus Radiodurans
DRADude Ranchers' Association
DRADrag Reducing Agents
DRADrug Regulatory Authority (various nations)
DRADon't Run Away (educational program; StandUp for Kids)
DRADynamic Resource Allocation
DRADefense Research Agency
DRADiscontinuously Reinforced Aluminum
DRADispute Resolution Agreement
DRADistributed Raman Amplification
DRADeafness Resources Australia
DRADeficit Reduction Act of 1984
DRADeputy Regional Administrator
DRADownregulated in Adenoma
DRADisability Resource Association (Crystal City, MO)
DRADynamic Rate Adaptation
DRADirectory Replication Agent
DRADecision Risk Analysis
DRADon't Recognize Acronyms
DRADead Reckoning Analyzer
DRADrainage Retention Area
DRADistributed Restoration Algorithm
DRADrivers Reminder Appliance (UK trains)
DRADynamic Range Adjust (IKONOS Imagery)
DRADistributed Robotic Architecture
DRADining Room Assistant
DRADreaded Rear Admiral (band)
DRADual-Reflector Antenna
DRAData Rate Adapter
DRADesign Review Agency
DRADynamic Reclaiming Algorithm
DRAData Release Authorization (US NASA)
DRADeployment Requirements Assessment
DRADirection de La Recherche Appliquée (French)
DRADigit-Recurrence Algorithm
DRADigital Recorded Announcement
DRADesign Review Agreement
DRADeployment/Deactivation Requirements Analysis
DRAData Record Analysis
DRADiscrete Raman Amplifier
DRADual Rational Arnoldi (algorithm)
DRADefense Reauthorization Act of 1991
DRADefense Reporting Activity (US DoD)
DRADefense Research and Applications
DRADynamic Redeployment Algorithm
DRADesignated Repair Activity
DRADirector of Royal Artillery (UK and Australia)
DRADisaster Recovery Area
DRADepot Repair Action(s)
DRADistributed Resources Assessment
DRADispositif Régional d'Accompagnement (French: Regional Support Device)
DRADisability Rights Activists
DRADirectives Régionales d'Aménagement (French: Regional Planning Guidelines)
DRADiameter Routing Agent
DRADouay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (Bible)
DRADriver's Reminder Appliance (trains)
DRADétachement de Reconnaissance d'Armée (French: Army Recognition Detachment)
DRADesign Risk Assessment (business methodology)
DRADel Ray Artisans (Alexandria, VA)
DRADénomination Rapide Enfants (French: Rapid Naming Children; research software)
DRADepartment of Regulatory Affairs (Colorado)
DRADemand Responsive Approach (water supply)
DRADébarquement des Ravagés de l'Airsoft (French: Landed from the Ravages of Airsoft)
DRADebt Recovery Agent
DRADebt Relief Agency
DRAData Recovery Advantage (CBL Data Recovery; Barbados)
DRAData Recovery Agent (Microsoft)
DRADark Room Assistant
DRADatus Rhône Alpes (French industrial technology firm)

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