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What does Crusty stand for?

Crusty stands for Crustacean Shell (Everquest)

This definition appears rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories:

  • Slang/chat, popular culture

Samples in periodicals archive:

US researchers have found that a simple sugar found in crustacean shells appears to be able to cure damaged spinal chords, reports The Daily Express.
A KEY chemical extracted from crustacean shells is being combined with clay nanoparticles to help make new biofilm packaging which can replace standard petrochemical polymer materials, indicating a new use for such seafood by-products.
To make the vaccine, the re searchers created balls of two molecules: the peanut DNA that encodes Arah2 and a compound called chitosan, which is found in crustacean shells.
If Schelling is right, then music and architecture meet where architecture thaws and music congeals, and Toop and Hasegawa's hybrid marks the point at which the two become one, where music becomes a machinic organism secreting a crustacean shell of glass and steel.
She says that glucosamine that is derived from crustacean shells "can be a source of heavy metal contamination that can poison the human body" and that "if you take ground-up shellfish product, you do not get the glucosamine that you need.