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What does CBTRY stand for?

CBTRY stands for Counterbattery

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  • Military and Government

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It is also presumed that they will use defensive EA systems, counterbattery radar, advanced portable ground surveillance radar, advanced night vision (ultraviolet/IR) devices, and satellite surveillance systems.
The defenses would be accompanied by the ability to quickly detect and attack the launch sites of any attacks (by analogy with the Army's current counterbattery fire).
Second, the headquarters of the 214th and the 41st Field Artillery brigades, along with a total of three corps MLRS (multiple-launch rocket system) battalions did deploy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and were instrumental in deep interdiction fires against command and control targets and counterbattery fire and SEAD (suppression of enemy air defenses) fires using rocket and missile fires.
Throughout Phase 2 students learn reporting requirements, radio wave propagation, computer network and electronic attack techniques, database maintenance, local-area network (LAN) establishment and maintenance, identifying signal modulation types and parameters, multichannel characteristics and identification techniques, identifying ground surveillance and counterbattery radar signals, signal recording requirements, workstation operation, datalink establishment and maintenance, and how to tune receivers remotely.
Preaccident aviation * Ground accident * Notification matrixes * Ammunition supply point (ASP) * Lifesaver drill * Nuclear, biological, and chemical response * Perimeter security--incorporate different modern technologies ranging from a combination of base defense systems (such as the Q36 counterbattery radar system and Sentinel[R] aircraft tracking system) and base security systems (such as the wide-area-surveillance thermal imager and Tactical Automated Security System).