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What does CAP) stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
BCBayonet Cap (type of cap on electric light bulb)
CCUCAP (Communications Access Point) Channel Unit
CGE&YCap Gemini Ernst & Young
PACPolitique Agricole Commune (French: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
CLCaps Lock
PACPolitica Agricola Comune (Italian: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
LTAALight Truck Accessory Alliance (formerly Truck Cap & Accessory Alliance)
MCMinish Cap (Legend of Zelda game)
GAPGemeinsame Agrarpolitik (German: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
GLBGemeenschappelijk Landbouwbeleid (Dutch: Common Agricultural Policy/ European Commission, aka: CAP)
PACPolítica Agrícola Comum (Portuguese: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
PCPatrol Cap (hat)
VOEVanguard Mid Cap Value ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund)
SHCSSocket Head Cap Screw
SESSmall Edison Screw (type of cap on electric bulb)
BCCHBlack-Capped Chickadee
BW (CAP)Butt Weld (Cap)
SBCSmall Bayonet Cap
TCAPTitin-Cap (genetics)
PCAPolar Cap Absorption
LCVLarge Cap Value (finance)
SCVSmall Cap Value (investing)
TYCLOTurn Your Caps Lock Off
C&BCap and Ball (firearms)
MDAXMid Cap Dax (German stock index)
BHCSButton Head Cap Screw
CGEYCap Gemini Ernst and Young (IT consulting firm)
BTBBouchon de Tir à Blanc (French: Blank Firing Cap)
PCIPrice Cap Index
CGSCap Gemini Sogeti
YMPYhteisen Maatalouspolitiikan (Finnish: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
GMCCGerman Mid Cap Conference
APCArmor Piercing Capped
NCBPNovel Cap-Binding Protein (plant biology)
CRSACap-Rouge/Saint-Augustin (Canada)
ICCLIntegrated Communications Cap Lamp (mining)
GJPGemensamma Jordbrukspolitiken (Swedish: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
CCCue Cap
HHCSHex Head Cap Screw
MESMiniature Edison Screw (type of cap on electric bulb)
PBCFPropeller Boss Cap Fin (marine engineering)
RMCRussell Mid-Cap (investment Index)
USAFAUnited States Air Force Auxiliary (CAP Civil Air Patrol)
FHCSFlat Head Cap Screw
LOTCLock Out Tail Cap (flashlights)
ITCIntelligent Top Cap
AFCAvailable Funds Cap
RCSRun Cap Sud (French dragster association; est. 1997)
NSCMNASDAQ Small Cap Market (trading platform)
SDAXSmall Caps Index
RATFRoosevelt Anti-Terror Multi-Cap Fund
MFCCMolecular Fractionation with Conjugate Caps
TCAATruck Cap & Accessory Alliance (now Light Truck Accessory Alliance)
WCPWhite-Capped Pionus (bird species; Pionus senilis)
CKCCCap Kuda Coffee Company (Malaysia)
GESGoliath Edison Screw (type of cap on electric light bulb)
ICFIce Cap Fortune (band)
ICZIce Cap Zone (Sonic 3 and Knuckles level)
FHSCSFlat Head Socket Cap Screw
CCHICambridge Cap Holdings, Inc. (stock symbol)
MRAMaximum Reimbursement Allowed (funding cap)
PMCDPressurized Mud Cap Drilling
CCCCompromised Container Caps
APCBCArmor Piercing Composite Ballistic Cap
PABVCPrivate Activity Bond Volume Cap
PCDPolar Cap Disturbance
OKROakhill Group PLC (now Prime Active Cap.)
MBCMiniature Bayonet Cap (type of cap on electric bulb)
APC-TArmor-Piercing Capped-Tracer
CAPXCap-XX Limited (stock symbol)
DMLData Management Link (CAP Automation)
RCMBRoquebrune Cap Martin Basket (French women's basketball team)
RSCCRussell Small Cap Completeness Index
BHSCButton Head Socket Cap
PSECPressure Switch End Cap (TacStar)
ECRPEar-Cap Reference Point (ITU-T)
IPCFIron Pipe & Cap Found
MCVEMid Cap Value Equity
LOZMCLegend of Zelda Minish Cap (gaming)
HSBHCSHex Socket Button Head Cap Screw
HSHHex Socket Head Cap
PABCPrivate Activity Bond Cap (finance management)
NZBCNew Zealand Black Caps (cricket team)
WALCWall Cap
SCRLSmall Cap Research Limited (New Zealand)
MCGEMid Cap Growth Equity
CRIUCap Router Interface Unit
BEMEXBering Sea Experiment (US-Russian study of the Arctic Ice Cap)
APCIArmor Piercing Capped Incendiary
PAPPublicly Available Price (Cap)
PCLBPrice-Capped Load Bidding (electric utility)
PCAPolar Cap Anomaly
CCDDCatastrophic Cap and Deductible Database (TRICARE)
hCBPHuman Cap Binding Protein
HFLCSHex Flange Lock Cap Screw
RACCCRule Amendments for Central Counterparty Capping (Canada)
MLCGMerrill Lynch Cap Gemini
SWCAPSocket Weld Cap
SFJCSafety Fast Joist Cap (construction)
WLPWhite Lined Pulp (plastic bottles, child resistant snap caps)
yCBCYeast Cap Binding Complex (nucleic acids)
UBUSUn Bouchon Un Sourire (French: One Cap One Smile; humanitarian organization)
PTOCPlastic Twist-Off Cap
DCQWDDielectric-Cap Quantum Well Disordering (physics)
CCACap-Choke Antenna
CCBJCap Camarat Business Jet (France)
CEG1Capping enzyme guanylyltransferase subunit
CBPCCap-Binding Protein Complex
CTFGCap Tech Financial Group, Inc. (Texas)
GPASCFGuardian Park Avenue Small Cap Fund
DHSHDrilled Hex Socket Head Cap
LMCGILipper Mid-Cap Growth Index
VKMCGVan Kampen Mid Cap Growth
FBSVCFlooded Battery Safety Vent Caps
IRCFIron Rod & Cap Found
CCSICrown Collectors Society International (Fairfax, VA bottle cap collectors club)
BBDCBrantley Cap Corporation (stock symbol)
APBCArmor Piercing Ballistic Cap
NARCFNot a Real Caps Fan (Washington Capitals fan group)
LJCLumber Jack's Cap (EQ game reference)
LHSCSLow Head Socket Cap Screw (fastener)
LCBLarge Cap Blend (finance)
LCMLLug Cap Manufacturing Line
MCVMid-Cap Value (finance)
SBHCSSocket Button Head Cap Screw
SCIFSmall Cap India ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)
SFCSorry for Caps
FHSCFlat Head Socket Cap Screw
FICFeather in Cap
FYXFirst Trust Small Cap Core Alphadex (fund)
LCGPLarge Cap Growth Portfolio (finance)
Acorn BoyAcorn Cap Badge (US Civil War; military slang)
BCAPBond Cap Allocation Program (Washington)
CARTCap Replacement Tool (petroleum industry)
CnTCap and Trade (policy)
SHCSocket Head Cap (screws)
SNFBMSyndicat National des Fabricants de Boîtes Emballages et Bouchage Métalliques (French: National Association of Manufacturers of Packaging Boxes and Metal Capping)
TCFAThin-Cap Fibroatheroma (plaque)
ACVAteliers du Cap-Vert (French: Cape Verde Workshops; watercraft producer; Senegal)
AISAntarctic Ice Sheet (polar ice cap)
CAPCap Haitien, Haiti (airport code)
BCRFBrown-Capped Rosy-Finch (bird)
CLECap Lillois pour Entreprendre (French employment initiative)
HRCAPHalifax Regional CAP (Community Access Program) Association (Canada)
FWWhite cap (or weather) correction factor
FFCVForces Françaises du Cap-Vert (French: French Forces in Cape Verde; Cape Verde, France)
EFCVÉchanges France Cap Vert (French: France Cape Verde Exchange)
ESEdison Screw (type of cap on an electric light bulb)
DPECDe Pied en Cap (French shoe company)
CTVSCAP (Chip Authentication Program) Token Verification Service (VASCO Data Security International, Inc.)
CVCLCercle de Voile du Cap Leucate (French sailing club)
DJSMDow Jones Select Micro-Cap (stocks)
CSCIChina Small Cap Index
CSOCap Sud Ouest (French employment agency)
TMCThe Minish Cap
TOTCTip of the Cap