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What does BL stand for?

BL stands for Boundary Layer

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Robertson of University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA, and his team showed that the apparent lack of charcoal in the K-Pg boundary layer resulted from changes in sedimentation rates: When the charcoal data are corrected for the known changes in sedimentation rates, they exhibit an excess of charcoal, not a deficiency.
Hysteresis at unsteady flow about aerofoils Since the aerodynamic performance of compressor grids is mostly defined by the processes that occur at the boundary layers on blades, there is great interest in considering the influence of periodic flow non-uniformity in front of grids on the compressor grids streamlining and flow at the boundary layer on blades (Schlichting 1969; Liblein, Randebuseh 1956).
The noise of rotation is due to the adhesion of the air and leafs, resulted in velocity gradient, formed on turbulent boundary layer noise by the vane's surface boundary layer pulse, and it will decline gradually with in increase of the fan speed; The vortex noise is a kind of strong noise which is made by the local pulse power (SHEN & XIE, 2004) with a more narrow frequency characteristics, and the power is made by the Karman Vortex Street of vane trailing.
Writing for fellow researchers and graduate students, they consider such aspects as concepts and measurements of atmospheric boundary layers, the parameterization of convective boundary layer turbulence and clouds in atmospheric models, analytical models for the dispersion of pollutants in low wind conditions, an outline of Lagrangian stochastic dispersion models, Eulerian and Lagrangian perspectives on atmospheric dispersion with a large-eddy simulation, photochemical air pollution modeling, and the inversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.
In particular, the software now allows boundary layer meshes as well as extruded meshes.
Near the surface of the Earth, the atmosphere frequently stratifies, and in the Northeast, this atmospheric boundary layer is frequently below the summits, helping to explain why this region's higher elevations are uncoupled in part from climatic events observed at lower elevations," Kimball said.