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What does BGGN stand for?

BGGN stands for Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher (bird species Polioptila caerulea)

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Samples in periodicals archive:

The species infected were a great blue heron (Ardea herodias), 2 American crows (Corvus brachyrhyncos), 2 American robins (Turdus migratorius), 2 mourning doves (Zenaida macroura), a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis), a blue-gray gnatcatcher (Polioptila caerulea), a northern mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos), a house finch (Carpodacus mexicanus), and a northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis).
Best bets: The dry chaparral habitat on the southeast side of Mount Pisgah attracts species that are unusual in this area, including blue-gray gnatcatcher and California towhee.
These included Yellow-rumped Warbler (Dendroica coronata), Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Regulus calendula), and Blue-headed Vireo (Vireo solitarius), as well as some individuals of Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas), Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Polioptila caerulea), and White-eyed Vireo (Vireo griseus).
The field sparrow (Spizella pusilla) was significantly more abundant in impacted forest, and the blue-gray gnatcatcher (Polioptila caerulea) had almost equal abundance in both types of forests, but was not detected in the grassland.
1967) watched five Carolina Chickadees (Poecile carolinensis), five Tufted Titmice (Baeolophus bicolor), two Blue-gray Gnatcatchers (Polioptila caerulea), and 10 warblers of four species mobbing a Chuck-will's-widow (Caprimulgus carolinensis) that was perched in a tree.